SLR (Scalable Linear Recording)

Format developed by Tandberg Data GmbH.

SLR (Scalable Linear Recording)

The SLR is a format developed by Tandberg Data GmbH.

Tandberg Data GmbH is a company based in Dortmund, Germany. It is the only company still manufacturing QIC format tapes.

SLR is therefore the name used by Tandberg Data GmbH for its range of QIC-based readers.

SLR versions

Quarter inch formats

  • SLR1
  • SLR2
  • SLR3
  • SLR4
  • SLR4-DC
  • SLR5
  • SLR24 / SLR6
  • SLR32 / MLR1
  • SLR50 / MLR3

Eight millimeter formats

  • SLR7
  • SLR40
  • SLR60
  • SLR75
  • SLR100
  • SLR140
  • SLR200
  • SLR400