Defective USB key ?

The USB flash disk is a removable digital data storage system.

Data recovery on USB hard disk

When it comes to recovering data from a USB flash drive, it is important to understand the essential components that make it up. Indeed, a USB flash drive consists of three main elements: the electronic board, the controller, and one or more memory chips. Each of these elements plays a key role in the storage and access of data.

The electronic board serves as the physical support of the USB flash drive. It is on this board that the controller and memory chips are soldered. The controller, in turn, plays a crucial role in managing data access and how it is stored. It facilitates communication between the computer and the memory chips.

Within the scope of our data recovery services, we have specialized tools that allow us to access the content stored in the memory chips without going through the controller. This approach provides us with greater flexibility and increases the chances of successful data recovery. In some cases, we can even proceed with the desoldering of the memory chips to read them directly.

However, it is important to note that some USB flash drives are designed in a monolithic manner, meaning they are manufactured as a single molded block, which makes direct access to the memory chips difficult. In such situations, we use an alternative method by soldering directly onto the electronic board to bypass the controller and gain access to the data.

Our team of experts in USB flash drive data recovery is skilled in the use of these advanced techniques and has the necessary expertise to tackle the challenges encountered when recovering data from different USB flash drives. You can trust us to accompany you in the data recovery process, making every effort to ensure a satisfactory result.

Whether it's data corruption, a damaged USB flash drive, or accidental file deletion, our goal is to provide reliable and effective recovery solutions to help you retrieve your valuable data.